A ladder stand is a useful bit of kit designed for hunters to blend into the woodland and A ladder stand leading up to a treegain a height advantage over their prey.  The idea is that being off the ground gives you a better view of the target and keeps you out of their line of sight.  They consist of a ladder and platform, which attaches to a tree by way of ratchet straps or ropes.  You might be on the platform for a long time waiting for a shot, so some platforms and seats come with guard rails to prevent falls, and padded seats with enough room to move around to make the day as comfortable as possible. Safety is especially important when using a ladder stand.  Most of the falls that occur as a result of using a ladder stand happen while climbing or descending the ladder, so it is important to keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times, which means not carrying equipment up with you, but pulling it up afterwards.  Safety harnesses should be worn, but these should always be attached to the tree and not the platform or ladder, because if the equipment falls you will go crashing down with it.  The tree itself is also very important, as a crooked or weak tree will not provide a good support.  Watch out for trees with nests and a lot of wildlife, as disturbing wasps, bees or squirrels up a tree is a recipe for disaster. When putting the ladder stand onto the tree for the first time ensure there are two people to help with steadying the ladder and lifting, and always use a fall-arrest system to stop anyone from plummeting out of the tree whilst installing the platform. Normal ladder safety techniques should also be employed.  As with any straight ladder you should not lean out to the side, and always maintain contact with two hands a foot or one hand and both feet.  Sturdy footwear with a good grip should be worn, and extra care should be taken while climbing if the weather is icy or wet.  Gloves are also a good idea for extra grip, and to keep your hands warm outside.  Climbing back down the ladder with cold hands could see you lose grip and fall off. When climbing up onto the platform always climb further up the ladder than the height of the platform, so you are stepping down onto it.  This is much safer than trying to haul yourself onto the platform from the ladder, leaving no chance of getting stuck hanging on to the platform if you lose contact with the ladder.  The ladder should also be attached to the tree in some way, so it cannot slip while you are climbing, or fall over leaving you stranded on the platform.  The ground surface is very important as always; the ground should be firm and level, but also clear of anything that could cause injury if you fall onto it.