Ladders can be dangerous in more ways than one

November 19, 2018 0 Comment(s)

Shocking CCTV footage released last week shows a convenience store worker challenging armed thieves with a step ladder.  Luckily, the member of staff was not behind the counter when the three knife-wielding robbers burst into the shop and kicked their way into the counter area.  He was able to grab a step ladder used in the store for reaching high shelves and brandished it at the three thieves, scaring them off as he used the ladder to threaten them out of the store.


No-one was hurt in the incident but getting hit with a ladder is a painful experience, something that the three young robbers escaped this time, but the threat of that was enough to scare them away.  Ladders are often used in wrestling matches as a weapon or a prop, depending on your opinion of the choreographed entertainment.  They can also be used to gain a height advantage over the opponent by the Wrestlers, as well as being light weight and compact enough to be used as a weapon.  The ladder match is a popular fixture in the wrestling calendar, and something we have looked at in the past as an unusual use of height access equipment.  We don't recommend anyone tries to recreate a ladder-based wrestling match at home without proper training and supervision from a professional.


We also know that ladders can be used in combat; to help scale walls to gain height and for bridging gaps and you can also slide down them for a faster descent on the enemy.  All of these are dangerous situations to be in.  Using a ladder without proper training also creates a dangerous situation, and we recommend that everyone undertakes some form of safety training if they use ladders either at home or in the workplace – they are such a well-known and familiar piece of equipment that complacency often sets in and people forget that ladders must be respected by the user, or there could be dire consequences.


Ladders can be dangerous to you even if you are not the one using it.  Ladders left out and unsecured in outbuildings, sheds and gardens are an open invitation for a burglar to enter your home, and those of your neighbours too.  To avoid that happening it is always advisable that ladders are locked away and made inaccessible to any passers-by and potential robbers.   Next time you need to use a ladder, just remember the hidden dangers that ladders can pose and take precautions against personal injury.