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Ladders In Unexpected Places

wendy Rudd June 10, 2021 0
Ladders are normally used to scale heights, rather than span horizontal gaps, but they're ideal for this purpose, especially in hard to reach places.  Ladders are often used to traverse rock faces in remote areas as they are very portable and adaptable, and easy to fix into rock.  That's why anglers in the 1800s used iron ladders to create a walkway along a rock face in Snowdonia National Park, so they could get the best trout fishing in the river below.  The ladder walkway, which is on private property, has become a magnet for people looking for the next popular Instagram post; this popularity has meant that the ladders have become badly damaged, and there has been a huge rise in the amount of litter left in the area. The exact location of the ladder walk is being kept secret to deter thr...
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Is This A Safe Set-Up?

wendy Rudd June 03, 2021 0
“Is this safe” is a question we should all ask ourselves before we do many things.  Crossing the road whilst being distracted, sticking our hands into somewhere we can't see, or carrying out electrical work standing in a puddle – these are all things that can be fraught with danger but easily avoided with a simple mental risk assessment.  The question “is this safe?” ought to be followed up with “if not, how can it be done safely?” and perhaps a third question is asking yourself “is this best left to the professionals?” We know from the ‘Idiots on Ladders’ portion of the Ladder Association's Ladder Safety Month that even the professionals can get it wrong at times; sometimes even experienced ladder users, and those who should know better, misuse ladders and put themselves at risk.  Vertika...
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Stairs For Small Extensions

wendy Rudd May 27, 2021 0
The economic impacts of the pandemic mean that many people, who might have upsized as the family grows, are having to stay put and think of creative ways to get more space, or more income.  Extensions are a great way to do this, and if your neighbours or others on the street have already built extensions, then you're likely to get planning permission without any hurdles.  Having a two-storey extension can provide not just extra living space, but another bathroom and bedroom.  Depending on the layout and access to your house, a two-storey extension with a separate entrance could be a good place for a relative to move into if they can no longer stay in their own home. Alternatively it could be used for a grown-up child moving back after university or even to let out for extra income.  Runnin...
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It's All In A Day's Work

wendy Rudd May 20, 2021 0
We're full of admiration for firefighters.  They are among the most highly skilled ladder users in the world and can perform feats that no-one else safely could.  The accepted wisdom for using a ladder is that three points of contact must be maintained at all times, which only leaves one hand free.  If you're up a ladder with a fire hose, you need both hands on the job, so firefighters use a leg-lock to fix themselves to the ladder safely in order to perform their duty.  In the case of a domestic fire rescue in 2002, firefighter Scott Lewis demonstrated just how skilled they are. The video recently resurfaced on social media and it is nothing short of heroic.  Scott Lewis and colleague Bob Swick attended a house fire in Ohio, and had to rescue a baby from the first floor.  Swick climbed up...
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Look After Your Ladder

wendy Rudd May 13, 2021 0
… And it will look after you. Keeping you ladders in good condition is very important, not least because you'll get the longest service out of them if you look after them, but because a poorly maintained ladder can lead to fatal accidents.  Anthony Dingle, the owner of a cleaning company in Devon, tragically fell and died last year because his ladder wasn't in the best shape.  The ladder was made from wood and aluminium – the stiles being made of wood and the rungs metal.  The ladder had been routinely stored on the roof of his van, and the years of prolonged exposure to the elements had undermined the structural soundness to the point where it was unsafe to use. Dingle's colleague was footing the ladder while he climbed it, then he heard a crack as the wooden stile snapped, bringing the a...
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Ladder Stunts In Mid-Air

wendy Rudd May 06, 2021 0
We're very particular about ladder safety – we want all our customers to use their ladders properly, in line with the law on health and safety.  With this in mind, we can't help being impressed by the feats that some people achieve using ladders, whether that's acrobatics on a free-standing ladder, the impressive strength that firefighters show (remember the firefighter performing a walk while hanging from the bottom rung of a ladder suspended from a building?) or the skills of highly trained tactical assault units, who rely on a variety of ladders to enter dangerous buildings.  There is one set of people who take this to extremes – stunt pilots and their crews. In the 1920s when powered flight was really taking off (if you'll excuse the pun) air shows were popular with the public, who wou...
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Ladders For Basketball Players

wendy Rudd April 29, 2021 0
We're proud to stock a wide range of Werner ladders, from step ladders to fibreglass ladders and telescopic combination ladders, as well as a selection of accessories designed to make life in the trades easier.  Werner is a very hands-on company, involved in grass roots and college level sports in the USA.  They even sponsor the Naismith Women's and Men's College Coach of the Year awards for basketball.  It's no surprise then, that they're also behind specialist ladders for basketball players. You might wonder why a basketball player needs a special ladder, after all, they're incredibly tall to start with so have the advantage of height that the rest of us don't.  Werner have made the official ladder of March Madness (the Illinois State basketball tournaments) since 2008, and the special l...
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Ladder Training On Zoom

wendy Rudd April 22, 2021 0
 The pandemic has seen seismic shifts in ways of working, with many aspects of normal business now being carried out via video conferencing and other interactive online delivery methods.  For those working in an office environment this has been a relatively easy transition but for construction workers, who can't work from home, this has been harder.  No manual trade can be done from home, and it follows that safety training also is hard to do virtually.  While e-learning for fire safety, data protection and other mandatory training requirements for most jobs can be done from home; it's not so simple when it comes to the safe use of site equipment. Associated Builders and Contractors, a US based trade association with over 21,000 members, has taken on the challenge of how to safely deliver ...
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Aluminium vs Wooden Ladders

wendy Rudd April 15, 2021 0
There is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing your ladder. You have to make sure it is certified to current safety standards (EN131 for professional or non-professional use), as well as being the correct type of ladder for the work you are looking to do. With so many to choose from it can be mind boggling if you're not au fait with ladders. However, there is something else you need to decide as well: do you want a wooden ladder or an aluminium one? There are differences between the two that are more diverse than just the materials they are made from.Here is a little bit more about each ladder type, helping you to choose which one you want for your home, garden, or work. Aluminium LaddersAluminium ladders are often chosen over wood due to their light yet strong properties. They ar...
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Top Tips For Comfortable Ladder Work

wendy Rudd April 08, 2021 0
Working at height using a ladder can be uncomfortable if you are up there for long periods of time.  Balancing puts a strain in your back and legs, plus the soles of your feet start to hurt after being on the rungs for some time.  Remaining in one position for any length of time can also cause sore and stiff muscles, which can lead to further pain and joint or muscle problems. It's important, therefore, to take precautions against some of these common problems, so here are our top tips: Wear sturdy soled shoes or work boots that help support your ankles.  Gel or cushioned insoles can help spread the force of the rungs pressing into your feet.  Shoes and boots should have laces, so they can be firmly tied on – slip on shoes or ones which fit loosely can be dangerous on a ladder as they can ...
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