It’s not just using a ladder to put up your decorations that can pose a hazard this Christmas, but sometimes the decorations themselves can be a little tricky!  A man in A mannequin holding onto the guttering of a house, looking like a man as fallen from his ladder.Richland, WA, USA, decided to make a joke of his Christmas decorations one year, and put up a life-sized mannequin dangling from the gutter, with a ladder placed as if it had fallen against the house.  After two days he had to take it down, when a neighbour told him about a few near-misses on the street outside the house and several people had come to both his and his neighbours’ houses panicking about the man hanging from the roof. Apparently, a few people even tried to rescue the man, including an off-duty firefighter and an elderly woman.  Usually, the dangling ladder decoration involves a Santa Claus and not a realistic recreation of decorating-gone-wrong. A jewellers in America suffered a similar reaction to their billboard recently.  They had attached a mannequin on a rope ladder to their billboard over Route 95, with the tagline ‘Our diamonds are not out of reach’.  The drivers on the opposite carriageway only saw the back of the sign, and what appeared to be a man in distress dangling from a ladder above busy traffic. The police received calls less than an hour after the advert went up and decided to immediately remove the mannequin as it would have caused a high volume of emergency calls and possibly accidents as well. It might seem like a good idea for a Christmas decoration prank, but be prepared for the police to turn up on your doorstep if you try this idea!