December is the last month of the extended four-month 2013 Ladder Exchange scheme.  Previous campaigns have run over the three months leading up to Christmas, but this year, the focus is firmly on homeowners in this extra final month.  The Ladder Exchange recognises that for many people, the festive season is the only time they really use their ladders and that this lack of use and experience can be hazardous.

Christmas Ladder Hazards

Gold and silver christmas decorations packed in a large box.Ladders which have not been properly stored or maintained can pose a safety risk, as can use by people with little experience.  The added factor of more alcohol than usual at Christmas means there is a real need for education and training around safe and proper ladder use.  The Ladder Exchange website has published their top five tips for Christmas ladder use and is encouraging domestic ladder users to replace old and unfit ladders for new ones.  Not much ruins Christmas more than a hospital stay; the turkey dinner is particularly unappetising, you miss out on the presents, and unless you’re lucky enough to have a hospital bed with a television, you’ll also miss The Great Escape (with their handmade wooden ladders in the tunnel). We have covered the topic of Christmas decorations, lights and ladders on this blog before, as well as use of ladders in bad weather and general ladder safety tips.  If you have questions that are not covered by the Ladder Exchange tips, please browse through our previous articles or give our knowledgeable team a call to discuss your ladder needs.