If you’re thinking of selling up and moving on in 2014 then the early part of the year is the best time to do so. There are more buyers than sellers in the period just after Christmas, A small model house with a large red For Sale sign attached to the roof.so sellers are more likely to achieve their asking prices due to increased buyer competition. Simple ways to improve the value of your home without involving a lot of work can vastly improve the sales potential of your home as well as the money you can ask for it. Most people who move house are after more space, whether for storage or living and the attic space is the easiest area to utilise, especially when compared to building an extension. If the loft is not boarded out, well lit and easily accessed by a loft ladder then you may find prospective buyers cross your home off their list. Creating an insulated, stable and lit storage space does not need to cost a lot of money, nor does it need to take a long time, but you will probably find that prospective buyers would rather go for a house that already has these features, rather than a house where they need to do even minor work. Simply boarding the floor and installing a mains light socket and a loft ladder turns the dark, inaccessible space above the house into a practical storage area and can help people see the potential for converting the attic should they want to go down that road in the future. Midland Ladders’ range of loft ladders can be installed by any keen DIYer and A large loft conversion with white painted walls and stairs leading to the below floor.should take a handyman or carpenter less than a day to complete (including modifying the loft hatch if it is too small to take the ladder). Compare quotes for boarding out the space and installing a ladder before you go ahead with it and consider consulting your local estate agent, as they have the best idea of what home improvements make the most difference to sale prices in your area. Midland Ladders have a wide range of loft ladders starting from £45 including VAT and delivery, so even by going for the cheapest and most basic model, you can provide access to your loft space for under £50. Factor in the cost of materials for boarding and an electrician to wire in a light, and you’re looking at a project cost of around £350 to provide much needed storage space. Handrails and balustrades can be added to the ladder and inside the loft opening to make the space easier to access and therefore more attractive to people who might be using the space to store items they need regular access to. The cost of loft ladders can run to £200 - £300, so it’s up to you how much you want to spend. Wooden ones can look nicer than aluminium models, but will cost more. It’s worth thinking about the sales demographic, and whether a more expensive ladder might swing favour in your direction. If you already have a well fitted out storage space in the loft, it could be worth checking out the planning permission needed to convert the space, as selling a home with a ready-to-go loft space plus planning permission for a conversion can also make your home an attractive prospect for a growing family. It adds a whole extra room to the house and when converted to a master bedroom with en suite, provides somewhere for the parents to call their own, and in the future can be used for guests, adult children, or a study space. These spaces are also easy to rent out so can provide extra income when the space is no longer needed by the family. The cost of a full loft conversion can run to £35,000, but will add around £20,000 to the asking price. Therefore, unless you are having problems selling the house, it is probably not worth undertaking the full scale of work unless you intend to stay in the house for a while and reap the benefits of the extra space. Loft conversions for living space require planning permission, and usually an enclosed staircase for access. Midland Ladders has a great range of space saver stairs that fit this purpose perfectly, and they can be enclosed easily. The Graz modular spacesaver staircase costs just £499 including VAT and delivery. It Modular spacesaver staircase with beech treads and a grey handrail.comes with full installation instructions and can be fitted to floor heights up to 2.91 metres, using the adjustable risers to ensure even spacing between each tread. Once this is installed, potential buyers can see the attic space without having to climb a ladder and they will also be able to visualise using the space however they want. If you are able to do some of the work yourself, it can be worth getting planning permission for the conversion, installing the stairs and making a start on the conversion work to entice prospective buyers into finishing the project. Once the paperwork and foundations for the project are in place, it is a lot easier for the new tenants to finish the project in their own time, especially as they will be able to see the full potential of the space. Even if they just intend to use the attic for storage, seeing it empty and presentable may entice them into finishing the conversion. Whether you board out the space for storage, start a conversion project or go the whole hog, the attic space is your friend when it comes to improving the sales value of your home, so don’t be afraid to spend a little money now to get more back when you sell. 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