At Damariscotta Mills in Maine, USA, residents are celebrating the nearly completed restoration of the fish ladder built to help alewives return to their spawning grounds.  It is Maine's oldest fish ladder, having been originally constructed in 1807 and it functioned for two centuries before the project to restore it began in 2007. This year, over 1 million alewives were counted entering Damariscotta Lake and this achievement is the focus of the Fish Ladder Restoration Celebration.  There are still a few tasks to finish, which include pouring concrete to support some of the sections, finishing the concrete with a stone veneer and modifying the lowest section of the weir to still function properly at low tides. The event includes the Running of the Alewives, where visitors buy a wooden fish and then decorate it with feathers, glitter, pens and pom-poms.  The decorated wooden fish are then thrown into the river at the bottom of the fish ladder, where they will race to a bridge over the Damariscotta River.  In a game inspired by Pooh-Sticks, the first fish to reach the bridge will win the decorator a $100 gift certificate, second place will get a $75 gift certificate, and the third placed decorator receives a fish ladder hat or t-shirt.  The proceeds from the event will go towards the restoration project and continued upkeep of the fish ladder. Perhaps the restoration of fish ladders in the UK will inspire similar competitions over here, or at least this article will inspire you to have a good old fashioned game of Pooh-Sticks, perhaps with sticks or fish you have decorated yourself.  You're never too old!