While most of the jobs you need doing around the home or at your workplace can be handled with a good old fashioned ladder, there may be some instances where you need something more substantial. If you are serious about DIY and plenty of work needs to be done, investing in a scaffold tower can not only save you time but give you the flexible and secure platform to undertake large projects.

Scaffolding for Complicated Jobs There's nothing more time consuming than having to run up and down a ladder when you are doing a difficult job. The more complicated it is, the more tools you will undoubtedly need. It's much better if you have a scaffold tower because you can take everything you need up with you and get on with the job. For example:

  • Facias and Guttering: Not only is this a high up DIY project but if you want to repaint your facias and repair guttering then you need to do a lot of things. There's the sanding down and preparing the surface, checking for cracks and holes that have to be repaired, not to mention the painting. A scaffolding tower gives you lots more options and could help you do the job in half the time.
  • Window Repairs: Second floor windows can also be problematic if you are working on a ladder and it's much easier to use a scaffold tower. You don't want to be struggling with cloths and sealants or having to be careful with tins of paint. A tower also helps protect the window below.
  • Ceiling Decoration: Ceilings can be back breaking work and a small scaffold tower can allow you to cover a large amount of space without having to move the ladder every few minutes. And if you are undertaking a job like plastering a ceiling then you will know that time is of the essence.

Scaffolding for High Jobs Unless you are an expert on the ladder, high up jobs can be difficult, and scary, if you are not used to working in such a limited space. Setting up a scaffold tower not only gives you more stability, it also offers a better space to work in. That's important for jobs at height and means you don’t have to keep going up and down to fetch tools and can concentrate 100% on the work at hand.

The Benefits of Modern Scaffold Towers For the ardent DIY enthusiast, the great news is that there are range of quality scaffold towers on the market that meet most needs. These are generally of good quality and pretty easy to assemble and take down again. Because they are free standing, scaffold towers are less likely to cause damage to outside walls or fixtures such as windows and you don't need a solid structure to lean them against. They are also great if you are working on ground that is not even as you can adjust the base of the tower accordingly to provide a sturdy platform on which to work. Most modern scaffold towers are also lightweight and easy to move when you need to work on another area. Where you are drilling or doing something that requires more exertion than simply putting on a coat of paint, a scaffold tower provides you with a firm platform from which to operate. If you are a committed DIY’er or a professional working in the building trade, investing in a good scaffold tower can be well worth it.