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Ladders of Nature - Aristotle's Scala Naturae

April 22, 2013 3
Aristotle's ladder of nature is something you probably aren't too familiar with. The man himself was one of the most influential of the early philosophers  (384 – 322 BC). Much of his work centred on animal and plant life and he was the first person to group animals into orders (Historia Animalium) as well as the first to use a binomial system of classification (meaning that each animal had two names) using the type of animal and the species. His taxonomy is still in use today.Aristotle’s main work on this classification of animals was the Scala Naturae or Ladder of Nature, which was not evolutionary in its structure as it placed contemporary species on the rungs of the model. However, it can be interpreted as having a loose basis on the evolutionary model as the steps up the ladder r...
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Animal Ladders: Helping the UK Vole Population One Ladder at a Time!

April 04, 2013 0
We've looked at animal ladders on this blog before, especially fish ladders, check out the post back on December 26th if you haven't already it's weirdly fascinating! But, did you know that a new type of ladder for water-based animals has arrived?Inspired by a project that provided ramps for Otters in Derbyshire so they could avoid crossing a road, the new water vole ladders are being rolled out in London.  Hanwell Lock Flight in Ealing is on the Grand Union Canal, where manmade islands have been set to provide a new habitat for the voles living in the adjacent pond.They have not been able to access the canal habitat due to steel barriers along the bank, keeping the earth on either side from eroding.  This has made the pond vole population isolated, and it is hoped that the ladders will...
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