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Regular blog readers will know that we love the occasional tale of an animal climbing aa white tom cat descends a ladder inside a partially-constructed wooden house ladder.  This fascination comes from the astounding sight of a quadruped performing an act that is normally reserved for those on two legs like us.  Our first story is not just fascinating, but very cute as well.  Jack the wombat lives at ACT Wildlife in Australia, but at 10 kilos he is quite a weight to pick up when he wants a cuddle, or when he needs handling for feeding and medical checks.  To reduce the strain on the keepers' backs they gave Jack a little step ladder, which he climbs up when he needs, or wants, to be handled.  Climbing the two-step ladder has helped with his social life as well, as he is now easier to show to visitors and he is loving the more frequent cuddles.Urban otters in Singapore are a normal sight around the marina areas of the city, and the native animals have flourished there in recent years since they nearly disappeared for thirty years, returning in 1998 to Sungei Buloh.  They are highly adaptable animals, and very social, playing with each other during the day and sticking in pairs or groups.  Wildlife photographer Bernard Seah is no stranger to these captivating animals and recently saw them climb up a metal ladder from a city drain.  Knowing this was behaviour that had not been observed before he managed to film proof, although it took between twenty and thirty hours to capture the footage.  Although there are several reports of semi-domesticated and pet animals learning to use ladders, the sight of fully wild animals learning this skill is always astounding.We have featured cat ladders on this blog before, but in every case, they have been installed to allow the owner's pet into their home; this tale is a little different.  Sebnem Ilham, a Turkish cat lover, wanted to do something to help the stray cats in Tekirdag during freezing weather, but living in a flat meant that access was going to be a problem.  She installed a cat ladder to the first floor, half balcony and decorated it with flower pots, so as not to cause problems with her neighbours.  The stray cats soon figured out that the new ladder was for them and have been enjoying the warm comforts of Ilhan's home over the winter.We're sure those cats are happy as they live in Turkey and not on the Isle of Skye, where Willie the Patterdale Terrier has taught himself to climb ladders in order to chase cats around the barn, on the farm where he lives.  The three-year-old dog just loves chasing cats around the barn but when they scramble up and jump on to the hay bales he had been unable to pursue them.  Out of frustration he taught himself to climb the ladders that are used in the barn for accessing the bales and when his owners saw him do it they could not believe their eyes.  A video of Willie, shows him taking just 17 seconds to climb a 10-foot ladder, although he hasn't yet worked out how to get back down it.  Willie's owner, Gemma Gordon, now has to make sure there are no ladders propped up against anything on the farm because Willie just loves to climb up them, especially if there is a cat at the top!Do you have a pet that climbs ladders?  If so, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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