Ladders for Dogs

October 26, 2016 0 Comment(s) Animal Ladders,
Ladders are an incredibly useful tool for humans, and they serve a wide range of purposesunderwater photo of golden labrador retriever puppy in outdoor swimming pool play with fun - jumping and diving deep down in our daily lives. However, it is not just humans that are able to get a great deal of use out of them, our dogs can too. There are a range of situations in which dogs can make excellent use of a ladder in their lives, especially if they like to company you on boating or fishing trips. So if you are looking for something that can give your furry friend a hand, or are just interested in the use dogs can have for ladders, you are sure to find a range of options right here.Dog Ladders for Boats There are several types of ladder that you can purchase for your dogs for use with your boat, with each working specifically with a particular type. They are perfect for helping your pet on board after a swim or should they decide to jump out! Here is a list of each of the ladders available as well as the type of boat they work best with.
  • General boat ladder. These are perfect for use with a recreational boat and they slot perfectly onto the side to make things easier for your pet. They can be used on land or in the water and are easy to attach to and detach from the boat.
  • Pontoon boat ladder. These nifty ladders are lightweight and easy to move around. They can attach easily to the deck of a pontoon boat as well as to an existing swim ladder, so that your dog can get on and off your boat with ease. They often come in different sizes as well.
  • Fishing boat ladders. These ladders are shorter than most other boat ladders but they suit the size of the average fishing boat perfectly. They simply attach to the back of the boat, allowing you to bring your dog out fishing with you in a safe manner. Generally speaking, these fishing ladders can only take the weight of a dog, so do be warned!
  • Duck boat ladder. Ideal for the hunting dog, these ladders are low and completely slip resistant to ensure your dog is able to get back in the boat quickly after retrieving a kill. These ladders are purpose made and tend to be incredibly lightweight.
Black dog sits on a aluminum boat floating on the riverDock Ladders for Dogs If you live on the water, or even if you just enjoy visiting frequently, a set of dock ladders can be immensely useful. They simply attach themselves to the docks and sit firmly in place so that your canine companion can enjoy jumping in and out of the water freely. It allows them to have a lot more fun and accessibility on their trip.Pool Ladder for Dogs If you have a swimming pool and your dog enjoys a dip on a hot day, then it is only fair that they are provided with something that makes it easier to get out of the pool. They cannot use human pool ladders, so those made specifically for dogs are perfect for accessibility and an enjoyable swim. Attaching themselves easily to the side of the pool, they are lightweight and hardly noticeable.

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