Fish Ladder Round Up!

February 23, 2015 0 Comment(s) Animal Ladders, Fish Ladders,
The Nequasset dam in Woolwich, Maine, is the location of a very important fish ladder The Nequasset Dam, Maine USAproject which aims to protect the future of alewives, and has been doing so for 300 years.  The town of Woolwich has stipulated for centuries that any dam built there must also provide a means for returning fish to get to the spawning ground upstream.  The dam was rebuilt in the 1950s and the fish ladder that formed part of it was badly in need of repair.  Bath Water District, who own the land and dam, worked with the local Fish Commission, as well as local and national authorities and fish harvesters on the restoration project.  The fish harvesters rely on the ladder for the fish to return to the lake, where they are harvested and reared for lobster bait, which is a good commodity in a state renowned for its lobster.They considered the different types of fish ladder available but it turned out that the original construction was best, so they rebuilt it with aluminium and other, more resistant materials, as the wooden parts of the previous fish ladder had not endured well in the water.  Trevor Hunt, superintendent of the Bath Water District, believes that the project shows great co-operation between the two agencies, and puts them in touch with the fish they are trying to protect.  The alewives play a vital part in keeping the water clean, feeding on the algae in the lake before it goes over the dam.  He says, “we are part of the migration... the benefit will last for years”.The project has taken three years to complete, but the rebuilding of the fish ladder means the fish can make their way to their spawning grounds, the water course is kept clean and Bath Water District are fulfilling their obligation to provide access for the returning fish

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