Dogs and Ladders

December 05, 2014 0 Comment(s) Animal Ladders,
This Maltese mongrel certainly earned his name, ‘Spexjal’ with his unique talent for A close up of a white maltese puppy.climbing up ladders.  The name is a different spelling of the Maltese word for ‘special’, but the two sound very similar, and there’s no doubting that this dog is quite special indeed.Pawlu Vella, a builder from Rabat, Malta, rescued Spexjal as a puppy.  He already had four other dogs but took in the stray, fed and homed him and established a deep bond.  When he came to work with Vella for the first time, he whined when his master went up the ladder.  Vella said ”he was worried because he could not be next to me, so I called out to him and told him to climb the ladder.”  Amazingly, Spexjal did just that!  He climbed the ladder like a natural and now follows him up wherever he goes.  He puts his front paws on the rungs then jumps on to the ladder, climbing it like a human for the rest of the way up: it’s quite something to see.Vella, 62, won’t accept any jobs where Spexjal isn’t allowed and even smuggled him into a church for a wedding, “An angel, he was.  Sat there by my feet, not even a whimper,” said Vella.  They clearly have a special bond and go everywhere together, and now whenever Spexjal sees the ladder go up he’s ready and waiting to follow his master.Spexjal’s ladder talents don’t extend to climbing back down, however.  Vella says Spexjal is “a bit scared, poor chap.  He thinks he’s going to topple over, so I carry him down.  It’s not a problem, I’ll do anything for him.”

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