A Very Big Cat Ladder

November 14, 2014 0 Comment(s) Animal Ladders,
We’ve seen a lot of cat ladders in our time: constructed to allow domestic pets access to A 2 year old leopard at the bottom of a well.the outdoors from apartments and other dwellings not at ground level.  They’re sturdy enough to take the weight of a cat, but not any potential burglars, and let pets come and go as they please.  Then a couple of weeks ago we found out about a much bigger cat using a ladder.Marne village, near Udupi in India, was the scene of the big cat ladder incident, which saw a two-year-old leopard helped out of a well with a long wooden ladder.  The big cat had fallen into the well and was sitting on a stone platform in the well, unable to get out.  Jayanti Nayak heard a sound coming from the well at around 3.30pm and looked inside to see the leopard looking back at her.  In a state of shock, she called her son, who in turn alerted the Forest Department.Half an hour later, the forestry personnel arrived at the scene to find the leopard stuck in the well.  Dispersing the gathered crowd, they constructed a wooden ladder to get the leopard out.  They worked quickly to construct the ladder and get people out of the area, as they did not want too many people around when the leopard made its way out.  The leopard made three attempts to climb the ladder, eventually getting out on the third try.Local residents reported having seen a leopard in the area for around two years, with a recent spate of animal disappearances being blamed on the animal.  Villagers now hope that the leopard will stay away from the area, and surely the leopard will not want to risk getting stuck in the well again!

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