A ladder is a means of accessing something which is at height: whether that is a window or guttering to clean, a high shelf or cupboard, or even a roof terrace, or attic conversion.  The humble ladder is the obvious choice for reaching destinations that are located high up, but sometimes there is a better way, especially in the case of loft conversions, mezzanine floors and roof terraces.  Instead of using a ladder, a spiral or spacesaver staircase could be the answer; allowing for access but in a more comfortable manner than by a ladder.  In a home setting, you may well encounter guests who are nervous about climbing ladders and you would not want them to miss out on the fun of your roof terrace or entertainment area, so a spacesaver staircase is the best solution.  They are also easier for children to climb than a ladder, so they truly enable all ages to participate.

At Midland Ladders, we carry four models of spacesaver stairs and four models of spiral staircases.  The spiral staircases are great when there is a reasonable amount of room to play with and they certainly make a statement inside or out.  We have a model specifically designed for outdoor use, that can be used to provide access to a roof terrace or the top of an outbuilding.  We realised that many people with a requirement for height access, were opting for a ladder when there was a better and more appropriate solution for spaces that are used regularly, so it was a natural progression to add these access solutions to enable our customers to choose the best type for their needs.

Spacesaving staircases are so called because they take up less room than a conventional staircase.  Some models, such as the Karina, can be installed in a straight, spiral or corner configuration with the balustrades on either side offering a lot of versatility in where they are installed.  A conventional staircase needs a lot more room and they are generally not as flexible in how they are installed unless it is custom made, which could be very costly indeed.  For spaces where a straight staircase will work, there are cheaper wooden models that take up a very small footprint on the floor but do not block out any light, keeping an airy feel to the space they are installed in.  Many people find that the space underneath is ideal for a laundry station, a quiet reading space or simply as a place to draw attention to prized artwork or antiques.  Because no-one will be running around in the space under the spacesaver stairs, they actually work very well as a showcase area for delicate items, offering a degree of protection in a dedicated display area.

If budget is a concern, and a loft ladder seems like the cheapest option, it is worth considering that the cheapest spacesaver stairs are just £8 more expensive than a top of the line wooden loft ladder, and £29 more than our cheapest model.  For the extra money, you get more comfortable treads, which are twice the depth compared to a standard loft ladder, full length handrails and a much higher weight capacity – up to 300 kilos.  If you are going to be using your loft conversion or mezzanine frequently, the experience of getting up and down from there will be much more appealing and allow you to carry up drinks, food and other items thanks to the security of the handrail, the tread depth and the loading capacity.

Take a look at our range and see our wooden and metal spacesaver stairs that will suit any home.