With spring in the air there's no time like the present to make a plan for your spring clean and maintenance tasks to ensure you don't miss anything.  For most spring cleaning tasks you need a ladder, whether that's a step ladder for dusting on top of cupboards, an extension ladder for clearing your guttering or a tripod ladder to thin out the crown of a tree. 


It makes sense then that your first task is to check over all of your ladders, to make sure they're fit for purpose and won't cause an accident.  For ladders with moving parts, like extension and step ladders, check that they move freely and are not stiff or rusted.  If they squeak or are stiff then now is the time to apply some oil and ensure they are working smoothly.  Do make sure you wipe off any excess oil, so it doesn't become a hazard to the ladder user. 


On all ladders ensure that you check the rungs for any dents or damage that could lead to a breakage if weight is applied.  The stiles should also be checked for the same kind of damage – what looks like a small dent easily become much bigger when weight is applied to the ladder, without you noticing until it breaks.  The feet of your ladder should also be checked thoroughly for signs of wear and tear and replaced if needed.  The feet are so important in keeping you safe on the ladder that if you have any concerns, however, small, replace the feet.  We sell replacement feet so you might even consider keeping a spare pair at home, especially if you're planning to use your ladder a lot over the next 12 months.


Once you're satisfied that all of your ladders are fit for purpose, you can start writing your spring cleaning list.  Get the family involved with suggestions – kids might notice things lower down that grown up eyes don't see, and older kids may even want to help out, or relish the chance to have some jobs of their own.  It's worth splitting the list into inside and outside jobs, so you can work from either list depending on the weather.  If you take advantage of the warmer, dry days you won't be left with outdoor tasks to complete should the weather turn, and you'll have a list of indoor jobs to keep you busy instead.


Leave room on your list for a run-down of the equipment you need for each task, including which ladder you need to use.  It's worth measuring up each job to make sure the ladders you have will provide the reach you need, and if you come up short you have plenty of time to choose and order the perfect ladder from us.  You might even find it useful to estimate the amount of time each task will take, so you can use your time efficiently – you might even get a free Bank Holiday to enjoy in the sun if you've ticked everything off your list!


Before you put your ladder away make sure you check it over and give it a clean, so it's ready to use again next time.  You might take the opportunity to look at your ladder storage arrangements, to see if you can make any improvements there – tall ladders can tip over when stored vertically, so if you have the wall space in a shed or garage consider using ladder brackets to hang your ladders from the wall.  If you can only store them vertically, ensure they can't be climbed by children as this can be very dangerous.


If you find you need a new ladder or it's time to upgrade to something that will last a lifetime then take a look at the Little Giant range.  With several products and sizes available, these are versatile ladders ideal for the homeowner and professional who want superior functionality in a compact ladder.