Although the spate of hot weather has somewhat slowed the growth of garden plants and trees, and even made mowing the lawn impossible there are still plenty of jobs that can be done outdoors, and once the summer rains start everything will suddenly shoot up, leading to more pruning, taming and cutting back for anyone with an outside space.


Those of us that are lucky enough to have a garden big enough to grow plants and trees in have a responsibility to keep these plants in good shape and to maintain a weed-free, pleasant outdoor space for entertaining, playing or relaxing, ideally all three!  Hedges, fruit trees, tall border plants and climbers are the main culprits for on-going maintenance with pruning, harvesting, deadheading or flower picking the main tasks for any gardener.  Reaching the top of hedges or fruit trees can be a challenge, especially if the trees are well established and the fruit is out of reach from the ground.  Hedges require regular management to keep them in shape and stop out of control growth from casting certain areas of the garden into darkness, and while carrying out horticultural maintenance requires the right tools and a dedicated approach, accessing the plants is no different.


Ladders, step ladders and work platforms designed for indoor use are often also used outside, but this is a shortcut that can lead to injury, damaging the ladder and even damage to the plants if the ladder falls into one.  There is a great range of outdoor and garden access equipment out there and at Midland Ladders we have curated an excellent selection with something for everyone, even the professional gardener.


Our specialised garden step ladders are designed for extra stability compared to an indoor model.  The legs sit much further apart, and the legs can be adjusted individually to cope with uneven terrain, low walls and other features that might get in the way if an indoor stepladder is used instead.  The wider platform at the top gives you room to move around a little more than the platforms on a standard stepladder, which means you can spend longer up there as it is more comfortable to stand on.  A guard rail at the front allows you to lean forward a little without falling off, although we would advise on moving the ladder to the right place, rather than leaning too far in any direction. 


The tallest garden step ladder we offer is the Henchman Hi-Step Maxi, which can be further extended, with a 3 foot extension pack for the ultimate in garden maintenance equipment.  Weighing just 28 kilos, this ladder is ideal for hedges from 10 to 14 feet in height and the platform is 24 inches square.  With a three year warranty you can be assured that this garden ladder will see you through many years of heavy duty service with no problems.


Our smallest garden hedge ladder is the Henchman Hi-Step Junior, which can also be further extended with an extension pack.  It is designed for hedges from 6 to 10 feet and weighs just 21 kilos, light enough to be moved around the garden.  For easier transport a set of trolley wheels can be added allowing you to simply wheel the ladder to the next place without having to lift it, great for avid gardeners who may lack upper body strength and mobility.  Again, the wide platform with guard rail keeps you safe at height and makes even the most arduous of gardening tasks so easy you'll wonder why you kept putting it off.


We also have outdoor scaffold ladder systems which are great for reaching tall shrubs without having to move the ladder each time – the long platform means you can reach up to over a metre of horizontal shrub, making them ideal for managing fruit trellises and feature planting areas that require pruning at various heights. 


Take a look at our range of outdoor height access equipment and ensure you are using the correct equipment for the job – Remember; Safety first, enjoyment later - after all your garden may look gorgeous, but can you enjoy it if you're laid up in bed with a broken leg?