You might have started thinking about your yearly deep clean already, and those of you who are eager beavers might have even got a list drawn up (we mentioned how you can get ahead of the game in a previous article, so kudos to you if you've got an action plan already).  The annual retrieval and stowing away of the Christmas decorations in the loft might have played a part in your spring clean planning, because like most people, you'll have rooted through a few boxes before finding the right ones.  In the process you will probably have found things you'd forgotten you even had, old school projects, bits of furniture you don't want to use, suitcases that have seen better days and the like.  You might even have wondered whether you could make better use of the space rather than using it just for storage.


Whether you want to do a big clear out of the loft or not, it's vital that you have a good loft ladder because accidents happen on faulty and damaged ladders all the time, both indoors and out.  There are so many types to choose from and options for every budget that there's simply no excuse not to have a decent, purpose built loft ladder in your home.  If you're after something automated or have mobility issues with your upper body, then the traditional hatch mounted, pull down loft ladders might not be suitable for you.  Happily, there are now electric loft ladders which deploy and stow themselves at the push of a button making accessing the attic a doddle.


People with small loft hatches, or a smaller space inside should consider a telescopic or concertina style loft ladder.  These take up far less space inside the loft due to their construction, which allows them to fold down into a small size which won't intrude into your storage space.  These are more expensive than a standard loft ladder, but they address a niche issue in a very efficient way.  Even if you have adequate space in your loft you might want to use every square inch for storage, and in these cases a concertina loft ladder is ideal for freeing up that vital space.  They are not much more expensive than standard loft ladders, so price needn't be an issue.


If you want to upgrade a basic loft ladder, or install one to replace your previous loft access system, then these Titan loft ladders are excellent value for money.  Supplied with all fittings, these ladders have a handrail that can be attached to either side and are very stable to pull down and put back thanks to their sturdy guide arm.  There are two or three section options, so you can choose the best fit for the space in your loft and the location of the hatch – some people have access almost in the centre of their loft, while others have access at one side making the choice of loft ladder a tricky one.


When choosing a loft ladder the material it's made from isn't usually a huge concern, but if you plan on using the loft regularly and the ladder will be seen a lot, for example if you decide to make it into a yoga studio, then you might want to opt for a wooden loft ladder.  The look and feel of wood is much more sympathetic than metal, and you'll avoid that cold metal feel when you first pull the ladder down.  They can be painted to fit with your existing décor and are just as sturdy as a metal ladder. 


If your budget is tight then you can still get a quality loft ladder at a very cheap price with this Youngman model.  It's a basic ladder without hand rails, but if your attic is seldom used and everyone in the household is fit and healthy then this will do the job.  It is supplied with everything you need to fit it and is less than £50 (excluding VAT).


We have a loft ladder to suit every budget and we think all our range is worth the investment, especially when you consider the safety and wellbeing of your family, who will be using this equipment to access the loft.  All our loft ladders can be fitted easily by you or by a builder or carpenter if you prefer to keep your hands clean, or you need to cut a larger hatch.