Our favourite artist Charlie Brouwer is at it again with his community ladder sculpture project, Rise Together.  It is a travelling installation project, which brings together members of each community it visits, relying on donations of ladders to create the unique sculptures, which remain in place for several weeks in each location.  This time he is in Kingsport, Tennessee, where businesses and individuals have all donated ladders to the project. 

At each location the installation looks different, as the construction depends on the types and colours of ladders that are donated to the project.  In Kingsport the Rise Together, artwork stands outside the Renaissance Centre, in the heart of the city, and has attracted around 250 donated ladders, which will either be returned to their owners once the installation is dismantled or donated to Habitat for Humanity, extending the community spirit of the project to help other people.

The ladders are joined together by leaning them against each other and using different types of ladder to create joints between parts of the structure, so it becomes self-supporting.  Because the ladders come from across the community, the construction represents how everyone in a community supports each other and how by working together people can Rise Together.

Examples of Brouwer's work and Rise Together projects can be found on his website.