What Can I Do With a 6 rung Little Giant Ladder

Little Giant ladders are renowned for their adaptability, unique top-hinge design, reliability and the 6-rung Revolution XE is the very best of the range. Rated to EN131 for trade and light industrial use, the Revolution XE comes with a lifetime warranty, so confident are Little Giant in the quality of construction and design. This means that for a home user or professional, the investment is protected for ever and at £255 including VAT and delivery, this is good to know.

£50 for a Ladder? Bargain!

If we look at the price and the variety of ways in which this ladder can be used, it costs approximately £50 per ladder, as the Little Giant Revolution XE can be used as an A frame step ladder, 90 degree step ladder, stairway ladder, straight extension ladder and scaffold platform (when used with the work plank sold separately). If you were to buy a separate ladder for each of these functions, with the same build quality and size as is achievable with this ladder, it would cost hundreds of pounds more. In terms of domestic use for a refurbishment project and for trade use by a painter and decorator, this represents excellent value for money, as there is no task this ladder cannot cope with (except electrical installation, but Little Giant offer a fibreglass version of their 24-in-1 ladders). This Little Giant ladder has six rungs per section, which means that when extended to the full height A-frame step ladder there are twelve rungs giving a height of 3.1 metres. The shortest A-frame step ladder this model can make is a 1.77 metre step ladder, so this is not made for changing lightbulbs and other small domestic tasks: this ladder is designed for bigger jobs. The best thing about the step ladder configuration with this and any other Little Giant 24-in-1 ladder is that there are no spreader bars: the extra strong top hinge does away with the need for additional structural support, so the step ladder can be set up over walls and other obstacles that a conventional step ladder would struggle with. This feature makes the Little Giant Revolution XE perfect for outdoor use, as garden walls and other features often pose a problem for setting up step ladders in the correct manner. The Tip n Glide wheels make moving the ladder around one handed a doddle, which is perfect for jobs that involve moving the ladder a lot, such as wallpapering, painting, sanding and clearing gutters. The metal used is an aerospace grade aluminium alloy, which is 20% lighter than the materials used in conventional ladders. It is just as strong, if not stronger than convention materials, but the biggest bonus is that the lightweight metal makes even this huge ladder weigh only 22 kilos. It will take up to 150 kilos of load and the wide flared legs make the base very stable which helps reduce the risk of slipping sideways. The number of rungs-per-section on this ladder mean that instead of 24 ladder configurations out of one unit, you can get 43 different configurations of the five ladder styles available.

A Ladder with a Head for Heights

The extended length of this ladder is 6.45 metres, which is tall enough to reach an attic dormer window and certainly right over the roofline of a two storey home. The shortest straight ladder is 3.66 metres, which is tall enough for most window cleaning jobs. The heights in between will get you to any window or guttering you may need to access. The heights and flexibility that this ladder offers make it perfect for users who regularly need to access a range of tall heights and is ideally suited to those who are working on large renovation projects and refurbishing buildings that do not conform to the standard dimensions of a two storey home, such as modern self-build projects and expensive homes with double height ceilings and other such features. The application of this ladder in such buildings is where you see the real benefit of investing in such a versatile ladder. Able to cope with high ceilings and partition walls, this ladder will get you to all corners of a feature stairwell in the stairway ladder configuration and the 90 degree set up will reach to double height walls, perfect for grand entrance halls and atria. The trestle configuration offers six heights, up to 1.7 metres (the same as the step ladder height), turning an already impressive ladder into a versatile, moveable work platform for jobs that involve working at height for long periods of time. Used both indoor and out, the work platform telescopes from six to nine feet, meaning you don't need to keep moving the equipment to work on large areas of walls. Little Giant also offers a wide range of accessories, such as paint buckets, tool trays, work platforms, leg levelers and a stand-off. By adding these extras, you can create a complete ladder system that gives incredible adaptability to any task imaginable. It may be a large initial outlay, but when you consider that in spending just £255 you will have five different types of ladder, all with a good height range, you can see why this is a good idea for serious DIYers, people renovating a home and professionals such as decorators and builders. Another bonus is that these five ladders in one takes up just 1.87m x 22cm x 73cm: can you imagine the space that five separate ladders would take up?! If you need more convincing, take a look at the video on our website.