A ladder might not sound like a very important piece of equipment to some, but to other it's actually something that is life changing. It's not everybody who is built like an American basketball player who can shoot a hoop in one. It's also not everybody who has extensive space in their vehicle or at home to store a ladder of any size. The telescopic ladders changes this by making many things possible without cluttering your home due to its incredible storage function. Window dressers. Most often window dressers are contractors who travel around the country making the most spectacular showcases of products for department stores and other retail outlets. They need to be able to reach the top of display areas in windows to decorate and make the products look their very best. Bringing their own ladder along to the job will give them the independence that they need to perform their skill as it should be done. With perfection. The telescopic ladder fits comfortably into the boot of any car. New home owner. You might be sorry to see your child leave home after so many years of joyous parenting, but you can give them a last piece of preparation for the rest of their life, before they walk out the door. Equip them with their own telescopic ladder. They will be able to see to their own DIY duties and paint their new property with ease. Decorators and handymen. Check out our commercial range to discover that you can have that little bit extra when it comes to stability and durability. These telescopic ladders will fit into the smallest of spaces until you need to pull them out to complete the job. They're even small enough to carry on your back, via public transport if the van breaks down. Newlyweds. Although not considered as a traditional wedding gift, the telescopic ladder makes the ideal present for newlyweds. It's something that they will need throughout their marriage as they go through the rites of passage such as decorating their first home, hanging up decorations for their first Christmas together and then potentially decorating baby's nursery. The telescopic ladder stores well so that it won't get in the way even in the smallest of homes. Housewarming. What makes a better gift to go with a new home? A telescopic ladder enables home repairs, decorating and DIY job completion and can even be used to clean out the gutters. It's easy to store and portable. The telescopic ladder is the perfect ladder for anybody who needs to reach up high.