LadderMat Leveller

LadderMat Leveller

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The best ideas are always the simplest.... that's certainly true of the LadderMat...

Four heavy duty dimpled rubber mats linked by a strong metal loop which can be stacked in different combinations to suit varying slopes and ground conditions.

Stack all four mats under one one leg, two under each leg or one under one leg and three under the other to level your ladder perfectly.

As if that wasn't enough, these mats are also a great antislip and load spreading aid..... preventing your ladder slipping, sliding and sinking into soft ground

Invented by a window cleaner... thousands of these ingenious mat sets are in daily use throughout the country, and at our price an indispensable safety aid you shouldn't think twice about adding to your kit .....

Which Magazine Review

"The Laddermat was easy to use and effective with both ladders and stepladders. When we deliberately set up potential accidents, ladders with a Laddermat under both feet were much less likely to slip on a smooth surface or pivot around on one foot. It stopped our ladders sinking into soft ground, made them seem more stable on uneven surfaces and increased our testers’ confidence in using a ladder without a second person standing at the bottom".

The Verdict

"The Laddermat is an effective accessory for making ladders safer."



LadderMat Leveller



Maximum extra height achievable

6.5cm (2.5in)

Suitable for ladder widths

Maximum 63cm ( 25in)

Comprises 4 x Mats

Each mat - 24mm x 17cm (9in x 6.5in)

Maximum Permissible load



2.2 kg


1 year

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