Combination ladders are a great item to have for homeowners and tradespeople alike, as they can adapt too many different functions from the same set, cutting down on the amount of storage space needed.  The Youngman range of combination ladders comes from a trusted and established manufacturer, who are the first choice for many tradespeople in the UK and beyond; so the 2.5 metre model is a good choice for anyone looking to buy their first set of ladders, or a replacement that can perform many functions in one.The Youngman 2.5 metre combination ladder weighs just 17.2 kilos, which is amazingly light for such a versatile piece of equipment, and when you bear in mind that each part can be moved independently the actual weight that needs to be carried at any one time is a lot less than that.  When used as an extension ladder, it is 5.12 metres tall (which is over 16 feet in old money) – plenty of height for most jobs around the home.  In step ladder mode, it can reach 2.4 metres (7 feet 10 inches) and when set up as an extending step ladder, it will reach 3.78 metres (12 feet 5 inches).  When used on the stairs, the height is up to 3.23 metres (10 feet 7 inches) which reaches the top of most stairwells.  When closed, it is 2.5 metres tall, so ideally should be stored outside in a lockable shed or garage, as it could be too tall to fit in a utility room once you factor in wiggle room.Each section has eight rungs, made from box section aluminium that is design to be twist and buckle proof, with a wide base stabiliser that keeps the ladder stable when in use.  It is certified to EN 131 standards for trade use and can take a load of up to 150 kilos.  When closed, it is just under 50cm wide and 20cm deep, so it does not take up a lot of space, except in terms of height.Despite being lightweight, the ladder is very sturdy to use and the quick release rung locks keep the sections held together well in all possible combinations.  It is easy to level the ladder, aided in no small part by the stabilising bar at the base. Some users have reported needing to clean their hands regularly after using the ladder for the first time to paint or decorate, as they can be dirty from being in storage.  This is not normally a problem, but something to be aware of if the first time you use the ladder is to paint white walls.Many trade users purchase combination ladders because of the versatility they offer, and this 2.5 metre model certainly makes short work of accessing most areas round a home or office.  For extra height the 3 metre model is an option, but is too long for many small vans and car based vans, so a roof rack would be required to transport it.  The 2.5 metre model will fit in an estate car or small van easily.  Domestic users often purchase combination ladders because of the storage benefits to having several ladders in one, cutting down the space needed to store a step ladder, extension ladder and stairway ladder, and the versatility is also a key deciding factor.  A combination ladder can be used to access stairwells for repainting, guttering on a two storey house and, when used as an extending step ladder, for outdoor jobs such as fruit picking and tree or hedge pruning.Whether you are looking for a new ladder for work, or one for around the home, the Youngman combination ladders are a great option for anyone.