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Need an aluminium ladder?  Then look no further! We stock 1000's of aluminium extension ladders to suit all needs and budgets.  Looking to do some odd jobs round the house? then our range of British made DIY Aluminium Ladders from Lyte or Titan will fit the bill, whilst our ranges of Trade & Industrial Ladders and Class 1 Ladders will suit those who are looking for a more heavy duty ladder suitable for Trade or heavy industrial use.... All our prices include FREE Delivery to most of the UK Mainland.  If you require further information or advice on which ladder would best suit you, please call us today on 01527  821651. we're here to help!



A Class 3 Titan Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium Ladders come in all shapes and sizes. From step ladders to loft ladders and extension ladders. Aluminium is lightweight, strong and doesn't degrade or corode, making it an ideal material for products which need to be regularly moved or left out in all weathers. It's also relatively cheap compared to other ladder materials as Bauxite, the basic ore from which aluminium is produced, is one of the worlds most abundant minerals.   Here's some information about how to shop for these handy and essential pieces of gear.

Ladder Construction

You should choose aluminium ladders of sturdy construction, that have been tested and certified in accordance with the British or European standard for these products...

Ladders for Domestic/Home use only  - BS 2037 class 3   Max Load 125kg

Ladders for Trade & Light Industrial use  - BS EN131   Max Load 150kg

Ladders for Heavy Industrial use   - BS 2037 class 1    Max Load 175kg

In order to aid the consumer, UK produced ladders conform to a colour code...

Domestic ladders - Red Feet and labels

Trade Ladders - Yellow Feet & Labels 

Industrial Ladders - Blue or Black feet & Labels

You should choose an extension ladder fitted with good anti-slip feet which are substantial enough to withstand many years of use before they will require replacement... if you purchase your ladder from a reputable specialist, they will carry stock of replacement feet should you ever require them. Better still, articulated (Swivelling) feet will offer a much larger surface area of rubber foot in contact with the ground and will virtually eliminate any chance of your ladder slipping away from under you.Titan Trade Ladders with Supagrip Feet   

Step Ladders

Aluminium step ladders are particularly popular and come in 2 basic designs: swing-back builders steps which have wide, flat treads spaced equally right up to the top of the ladder. alternatively, platform steps feature a large rectangular aluminium platform at the top with a handrail extending beyond the platform for user safety. Regardless of which type you choose, be sure to select one with the proper certifications and load ratings, which express the ladder's strength in terms of the amount of weight it will support.....Step ladders are certified to the same standards as extension ladders as shown above, and you should adhere strictly to the usage guidelines on the product ... never use a domestic product at work (it could invalidate your insurance should you have an accident). You should never lean the step ladder, unfolded, against a wall, for example and attempt to climb it. Never use an aluminium ladder for electrical work because of its high electrical conductivity. Finally, when using a swing-back builders step ladder , never climb or stand on any of the top 3 treads as you will have no thing to hold onto, a safety factor that makes selecting the correct size ladder imperative. 

Benefits of Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium ladders are popular with UK home owners and tradesmen alike because they are lightweight, easy to handle and strong.  Aluminium does not rust and is highly resistant to corrosion, an important factor to consider if you're going to be storing your ladder outdoors. Aluminium ladders easily withstand regular use and for long service and durability, they can't be beaten.

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Goods arrived safe and sound - Absolutely delighted with mobile work platform it is not only good for accessing high hedges and gutterings, I've had it a couple of hours and am using it to decorate the ceiling indoors!! Every house owner should have one!" Thank you very much
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The ladders are extremely good, but the price was even better.  You were so much better value than rival companies and yet you still delivered free of charge. Many thanks to you and your staff for a great purchase.
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